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PlastiBots Robotics

Welcome to my blog.  My name is Dave, and I like to make things, fix things and take things apart.  Namely anything mechanical and electronics.  Plastibots was original born out of my LEGO Robotics hobby where I started posting builds and details of my early robot creations when first got involved with LEGO by helping them with their release of the Robotics Invention System 1.0 to the market in the 90’s.  Seems like such an long time ago now…

For as long as I can remember, I tinkered with electronics.  I remember days as a kid going over to my grandparents house and being given an old stereo and some tools.  I would spend hours taking stuff apart and figuring out how they worked.  I knew what a capacitor did before knowing what it was called.

With the advent of Arduino, my world opened up to micro-controllers.  Since then, I have used various flavours of Atmega microcontrollers to build things.  Admittedly, my Mindstorms and Technic have sat collecting dust for some time.

I use Plastibots as a dumping ground of sorts for all my latest creations.  I find it’s a great means to document my work so I can refer back to it later as well as want to share it out to inspire others to create, and take things apart to figure out how they work.  In some ways, I hope to better the environment by educating folks about how easy it is to fix things in this day and age where stores and manufacturers want you to buy their latest product by designing products with a limited life cycle.  Remember the days when TV’s latest 10-20 years?!? Now, you are lucky to keep one 2-5 years.  When I think of this, I can’t help but thinking about the countless blogs/postings for folks who fixed broken LCD tv/monitors by simply replacing a few cheap capacitors.  This happens in other products as well.  Manufacturers are getting smarter by using SMD and embedded components.  I want to fight this by gaining more understanding about how these things work.


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