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Marginally clever was founded in 2008 and is located in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada.

Earth is just too small and fragile a basket for mankind to keep all its eggs in.

attributed to Robert A. Heinlein

I believe our goal, as a species, is to escape planet Earth. To do that I want us to work together to build fully automated factories and democratize manufacturing. I want to put these factories on the moon to build the first base. That’s why our logo is the moon, as seen through the circular porthole of a spaceship. A spaceship built on the moon to come get us.

I also want to see 3D printing perfected the point where we can clone people – and I don’t mean grow them in a vat from infancy. I mean photocopy them. Print them from base elements in a couple of hours.

With these two technologies we could skip between the stars and never need faster than light travel. We could even build a plan B – if we ever become extinct, a well preserved machine in some distant corner could restart civilization.

But first we need those factories and those printers. Marginally Clever as a company is singularly focused on advancing these ideas. The educational kits are meant to teach people about manufacturing machines. The intended purpose of kits is moving more and more away from “my first circuit” towards “build your own assembly line”. MC wants to eat its dog food and use robots to make other robots. MC wants to make it easier for you to make more things, because MC needs your help – your social connections, your ideas, your time, your energy, your belief that the goal is worthwhile. It takes a village to raise a child, and it’ll take all the makers we can get to work together to make this happen. Think of it as the longest, hardest game of Minecraft you’ve ever seen.

At this time MC believes the best course of action is to make low cost, high quality robotic arms that can assemble each other. Our goal moving forward is to build such an arm and we want your help to design it. We’ll absorb the costs of manufacturing the prototypes by selling our educational kits, and keep the arm designs completely open source and open hardware. Once we have succeeded we’ll move on to phase 2, in which we’ll (a) offer the arms for sale to anyone who cannot yet manufacture one themselves and (b) work with the community to build automated factories.

Long story short, know that Marginally Clever wants to help you build and maintain your robot, whatever it may be. We take great pride in our machines and strive to give you the best service. If you don’t know how to build your dream machine we will help you to learn. Do you need a custom order? We can help. Do you have questions or feedback? We would love to hear from you.

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