• rookieelectronics.com

    Rookie Electronics

    www.rookieelectronics.com Rookie Electronics is a website which provides an easier approach to make circuits and learn practical work for beginners in electronics engineering. All projects have circuit diagram and their respective breadboard arrangement pictures. The working video of each project insures that the circuit works fine. This website also... Read More

  • qrp-labs.com

    QRP Labs

    QRP Labs produces a range of inexpensive, easy to build kits for radio amateurs and electronics experimenters. The flagship “Ultimate3S” QRSS, WSPR and weak-signal modes transmitter kit has been augmented by additional kits. The kits are modular and some can be used in your own projects, in addition to... Read More

  • iq-technologies.net

    IQ Technologies

    Free Electronic projects, schematics, diagrams, PCB, free electronic software and hobbyist electronics resources. You can download some tools here like Microcontroller tools, circuit design tools, calculators for electronics and more, for free. IQ Technologies share modern electronics ideas & technology for all our fans.... Read More

  • Beyond Engineering

    Beyond Engineering

    Beyond Engineering: A blog for enthusiastic engineers and individuals who have ability to think beyond engineering. This is a good blog for those engineers who love to explore on their field. Beyond Engineering is blog for those who really enjoy the work of an engineering.... Read More


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